Grab Life Grab Life
Grab life. Grab the moment.
Grab it now, while you absolutely can.
Grab Life
Grab your case.
Grab your passport.
Life, as they say,
is there for the taking.
Grab Life
Grab your bucket.
Grab your spade
and build the biggest
sandcastle of your life.
Grab Life
Grab that train.
Grab that plane.
Grab that dolphin
and ride in its wake.
Grab Life

Grab Prism

It’s brand new, with loads of room to pack more for your journey
It’s one of the lightest hard cases we make, so won’t impact on your check-in or carry-on weight
It’s made of Polycarbonate, which minimises scratching and keeps the case looking new
It comes with a TSA lock to help keep your contents safe on your travels
It’s build for comfort, with soft touch handles and 360 degree rotating wheels
It comes with our 10-year Warranty

Grab the Summer. Grab your shades.
Grab yourself an almighty, well-earned break.
Grab the sun. Grab the family.
Grab your week away.
Grab Life

Grab a cocktail.
Grab a palm tree.
Grab some time just for you.

What are you waiting for?
Grab Life by the Antlers.

Grab Life

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