Help for Heroes and Antler

Working together, rebuilding lives

We are extremely proud to announce our association with and support for Help for Heroes. The Antler team looked at a number of worthy causes but felt “Help for Heroes” reflected our history and values and was perfectly aligned to our brand. 

“Help for Heroes was created in 2007 as a direct, practical response to the urgent need to help those suffering due to their service.” 

“Our vision is very simple; we believe that any serviceman or woman who suffers life changing injuries or illness deserves the very best support. Since day one, organisations, like Antler, which have come to Help for Heroes wanting to ‘do their bit’, alongside a hugely generous and passionate public. It is thanks to them that we have been able to achieve so much in a short time, but the soldiers, sailors and airmen who are injured today will still need our support in the future.”

“Over the years, Help for Heroes has thrown itself into a long list of projects designed to meet the needs of the wounded and their families and, while the ethos has remained as simple as it ever was, providing the support needed has become increasingly complex.”

“Over 220,000 served in Iraq and Afghanistan and it’s important that they, and all veterans from past and future conflicts know that Help for Heroes is here for them and their families, whenever they need us. For some, recovery can be swift – for others, it’s a life-long journey with changing needs along the way. They are still battling and we won’t let them battle alone. Our beneficiaries are getting help with welfare and psychological wellbeing, taking part in courses to help them find new careers, and doing sports. Together, we are helping rebuild more and more lives every single day.”

Bryn and Emma Parry Co-Founders at Help for Heroes commented “We hope you are as inspired by their courage and determination as we are. Thank you for supporting Help for Heroes.”