If you love it leash it

More than 26 million suitcases go missing each year – don’t let yours be one of them. With Luggage Leash by Antler, no matter how far away you travel, your baggage is always close by.

Hide our device anywhere in your luggage, connect it to our App via your Smartphone, and give yourself the added knowledge that your bag is secure. Using Bluetooth technology, you will receive alerts to tell you when your bag is removed from your vicinity without your consent. You can track its whereabouts, and assist in its retrieval. Luggage Leash by Antler – a safe solution to luggage location on the move.

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Step 1

Download the “Leash It” App from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Once downloaded install the App and give all permissions requested for the App’s installation. Next make sure Bluetooth is on and that you have an internet connection on (either Wi-Fi/3G/4G).

Step 2

Switch on the Leash by pressing and holding the power button until you see a green light blink which is the activation light.

Step 3

Start the App, it will automatically start searching for your Leash and it will populate the Leash’s registration code when found. Register your luggage details and complete your personal information details in the App. Test the Leash’s connectivity by pressing the bottom left icon and if waves turn green you are connected.