Antler Loves

One way or another, we’re all on the move, so at Antler HQ we think smart new cases or bags make the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. As passionate travellers ourselves, we’ve discovered a few extra things along the way that make our travels that little bit easier. With gifting season upon us, we’ve curated a collection of our favourites, from brands you may not already know. They’re perfect for friends and family, or why not treat yourself?

The Steamery Cirrus No. 2 Steamer Grey (4625186316)

Travel Clothes Steamer


Was £110


Infinity Bamboo Sleep Mask Grey (4628186160)

Bamboo Sleep Mask


Was £11.50


Tartan Blanket Co Blanket Quiet Grey (4631186254)

Travel Blanket

Tartan Blanket Co.

Was £50


Suck Collapsible Bottle Blue (4632113319)

Collapsible Water Bottle


Was £20


Ostrich Pillow GO Midnight Grey (4627186162)

Travel Pillow

Ostrich Pillow

Was £49


Happy Ears Ear Plugs Small (4626199320)

Ear Plugs

Happy Ears

Was £10


Ren Now to Sleep Pillow Spray (4637199315)

Sleep Spray

REN Skincare

Was £18


Patchology On the Fly Kit (4629199317)

Travel Treatment Kit


Was £18


Monocle City Guide London Hardback (4630199318)

London City Guides

Monocle City Guides

Was £15


Monocle Milan

Milan City Guide

Monocle City Guides

Was £15


Monocle City Guide Paris Hardback (4630299318)

Paris City Guide

Monocle City Guides

Was £15


Monocle City Guide New York Hardback (4630399318)

New York City Guide

Monocle City Guides

Was £15