We hope your summer has been very exciting and full of adventures! Ours certainly has been very productive with nothing less than 6 brand new collections: Atlas, Atom, Airstream II, Lightning, Prism and Prism Embossed.

If you are an avid reader of our blog – and I’m sure you are! – you’ve already read our previous post about Atom so let me introduce the other collections to you.

This week we will present our Prism Collection and I’m not going to lie to you, it probably is a staff’s favourite.

Prism Charcoal suitcase lock

Why do we love it so much?

What is particularly remarkable about Prism is its striking design which is completely unique.

Its geometric lines give it a classic yet stylish design. The beauty of it all is that thanks to its 3 colours (teal,red and charcoal) and two different finishes (shiny or embossed) Prism can appeal to literally anyone. A red shiny Prism can complete a perfect fashionista look just as well as a Charcoal Embossed suitcase would be the ideal addition to any gentleman’s travels.

Prism Medium Suitcase

Hard = Heavy?

There is a common misconception that hard suitcase means heavy suitcase – I’ll be honest I believed this to be true before I started working at Antler and got a “suitcase education”, so it’s not just you, don’t worry! – well, this is actually not accurate. Prism is made of an innovative combination of shell structure and super light componentry which results in a super light, super tough (and super stylish) suitcase: 2.2kg for a cabin, 3kg for a medium and 3.7 for a large. Despite this lightness it is still packed with all the features you could want in a suitcase, read the full list on our product page here.

I hear you say – but it’s their own product, of course they love it! So, if you are not taking our word for it you can definitely rely on the brilliant theglobetrotter.co.uk review of our Prism cabin suitcase (thanks guys!) it does sound like they definitely enjoyed the ride!

They particularly loved our 360 degree rotating wheels: “The best feature is the 360 degree rotating open spoke wheels that give you complete and effortless control.” And for having bought the suitcase myself I can confirm, it definitely drives like a dream!

Prism Suitcase

You can shop the collection here and with the cabin priced at only £129, it would be rude not to!

Antler’s latest collection is a long awaited one, it has taken 2 years of detailed development to create the perfect suitcase but Atom is now here and it does not disappoint! It is the ideal combination of innovative materials, stylish design associated with the best features you could find in a suitcase.

For a complete list of all of Atom’s exciting features, click here.

Get behind the scenes of our star product with this interview of Atom’s designer Jayne Simmonds, Head of Design at Antler.

What was the inspiration for the Atom range?

“Industrial, sophisticated and intelligent surface patterns which enhance performance yet are resilient and sensitive to the environment.”

What trends influenced the design?

“Geometry and in particular hexagon formations were a strong influence for this project.”

How did innovation play a part in the design?

“We are using a new and exciting material called Armordon® which has never been used in the luggage industry. The geometric pattern adds strength to the shell and offers us the opportunity to decrease the weight, along with combining and bonding different woven materials.Inside and outside the case we have the ability to showcase the stunning hexagonal pattern. This material along with the use of the exposed lightweight magnesium single stem trolley, splash proof zips and easy to manoeuvre wheels makes this a super lightweight style.”

What influenced the colour palette?

“We wanted to introduce an industrial colour scheme that enhances the shell design. The tinted film on the surface helps create darker tones and illuminates the metallic finish.”

Atom comes in 3 different metallic colours: blue, charcoal and silver.

Did the design present any challenges?

“Working with such a new shell material was a huge learning curve for the team, as we didn’t know what issues we would encounter during the forming process. Also the complex geometric pattern presented huge challenges and the forming parameters became very difficult. Each step led us to an interesting result which only created an even more exciting product.”

What do you like the most about the design?

“I love the industrial style of the design, colour and finishes. These all complement each other in an understated way, which takes nothing away from the design or aesthetics of the collection. Most importantly this is our hero product, being able to produce a style that is designed and engineered in the UK.”

You’ll have gotten the idea by now, if you want a suitcase that has all the features you could wish for, packed in a super-light, extremely hardwearing and stylish design then Atom is the one for you.

With unbeatable prices starting at £199, Atom is not to be missed, you can find your Atom suitcase in exclusivity in all John Lewis stores.

To all of you who have read our previous blog, the update you have been -eagerly we’re sure- waiting for is here!

A little recap to those who haven’t – Our CEO David Sharman is currently taking part in the Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2016, organised by Help for Heroes, we are sharing insights to Team Antler‘s journey in our blog.

Day 3, Wednesday 8th June 2016, Amiens to St Quentin.

On Wednesday the team started their day with a service at the Australian Memorial in Villers-Bretonneux, just East of Amiens. This was a very special ceremony as ten Australian riders flew over to take part in the event.

The Large Cross of sacrifice at the Australian memorial

60 miles were cycled that day and as you can tell from the picture above, the weather was not at its most pleasant but that certainly did not dampen the spirit of the riders.

The team met some veterans at dinner and realised so many servicemen and women leave the forces with little or no financial and emotional support; realising once more how incredibly important the work carried out by Help for Heroes is.

Day 3, Thursday 8th June 2016, St Quentin to Reims.

With 72 miles cycled in one day, Thursday was the longest the team had to cycle so far but the magnificent weather, contrasting with the previous day’s rain certainly helped.

Reims may be the French capital of champagne however Team Antler only had water in their bottles we promise!

The glorious sun shining over Champagne’s memorials

As previously mentioned, the Big Battlefield Bike Ride goes beyond being a sportive event, it truly is a commemoration of all those who have sacrificed their lives for others.

This is why at various times during this week there have been talks from the wounded who have directly benefited from Help for Heroes, whether they are physically injured with life changing injuries or affected by hidden injuries and the trauma of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On Thursday the team spent part of the day cycling with Josh, who did three tours of Afghanistan before he lost both legs below the knee and an arm in an IED blast. He has since cycled over 250 miles with his arms! The courage that he has shown, with support from Help for Heroes, is remarkable, and he is now preparing to ride across America and ride in next year’s Invictus Games.

With 80 miles scheduled for today, the Antler Team will have more stories to share with you so again, stay tuned for the final days’ updates coming soon!

The cyclists, back on the road again

If you would like to help more inspiring people like Josh, please donate to Team Antler‘s Bike Ride, follow this link to their JustGiving page.

As some of you may know, Antler supports Help for Heroes, this very worthy cause indeed reflects the company’s history and core values.

Here at Antler we strongly believe in the respect of Heritage and History and in the words of Theodore Roosevelt: “A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a fair deal afterwards.”
You can read more about this association here.

A little recap for those who do not know of Help of Heroes (yet!):

Help for Heroes is quite a recent association as it was founded in 2007 but despite its young age, it has already been of the greatest of help to many.

It indeed provides support for wounded, injured and sick service personnel, veterans and their loved ones. Help for Heroes organises different fundraising events with the latest one (that is actually happening right now) being the Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2016.

Antler is once again showing its support to the Help for Heroes cause as a very important member of the team, who is no other than David Sharman, our CEO, is taking part in the bike ride.

The Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2016

Our team all packed and ready, proudly representing Antler’s colours with our Urbanite bag.

The Bike Ride’s route starts in Ypres, Belgium and goes all the way to Verdun, representing an impressive 350 miles cycled over 5 days. It is not only a great sportive event, it also and mostly is a fantastic commemoration of the great sacrifices made by those who fought along the Front.

We thought we would give you an insight to this year’s BBBR, thanks to some pictures and experience shared by Team Antler.

Day 1, Sunday 5th June 2016, Ypres, Belgium.

The team attended the nightly memorial service which has been held 30,332 times since it started.
Ypres is the home of the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing, a war memorial dedicated to the British and Commonwealth soldiers who were killed in the Ypres Salient of World War I and whose graves remain unknown.

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow… Between the crosses, row on row”

In Flanders Fields, John Mc Crae

Day 2, Monday 6th June 2016, Ypres, Belgium to Arras, France.

On Monday morning the team attended a service in the Cathedral in the centre of Ypres that was completely destroyed in WW1 and painstakingly rebuilt after the war, then the ride began in Earnest all the way to Arras, which was the day’s final destination.

All the cyclists gathered around the cathedral of Ypres.

Day 3, Tuesday 7th June 2016, Arras, France to Amiens, France.

Tuesday was a day of cycling from Arras to Amiens, with a stop at the service at the Somme memorial where no less than 73,000 names of unknown Bitish soldiers are written on the monument.

The team also paid their respects to two other nations that sadly lost many lives during WW1: Canada and Northern Ireland. They stopped at the Vimy Memorial, dedicated to the memory of Canadian Expeditionary Force members lives lost during WW1 and at the Ulster Memorial Tower that commemorates the men of the 36th Division and all those from Ulster who served in the First World War.

One of our team members at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial.

The Ulster tower, Northern Ireland’s national war memorial.

This is the story of Team Antler‘s bike ride for Help for Heroes so far, if you have enjoyed reading this blog do not fear, more updates are to come within the next few days so stay tuned!

If you would like to donate to Team Antler‘s Bike Ride, follow this link to their JustGiving page.

Guest Editor: Stylist Kimberly Lavéy

Generally speaking when I’m styling I like to be super organised about what I’m packing and where items are before I’ve even thought about leaving the house, as the worst thing that could ever happen on location, at a shoot or during a live TV show is to be unprepared and caught without that essential item.

However thankfully this year, during my run as a stylist on Strictly Come Dancing I have been meticulous with my preparation thanks to forward planning and the use of a very smart suitcase from Antler. Their sleek Cabin Luggage range is ideal for travelling to and from venues with a stylist kit, as not only is it chic but it’s four-wheel maneuverability allows me to merge swiftly with everyday commuters whilst packing everything I need into the spacious 35-45 litre capacity.

In mine you’ll always find a wide range of items from a miniature hand held steamer (a priority) to a kit bag containing an crucial sewing kit, plasters, scissors, inner soles, pens, paper, different types of tapes ranging from brown to gaffer (great for soles of shoes on studio floors) alongside an extra bag full of different sized underwear (you never know what size or extras you will need on set), belts, spare flat shoes (for me!), a phone charger and lots, lots more.

Shop Cabin Luggage

And that’s why a lightweight travel suitcase is paramount – it should be small enough to carry around but also be sizeable enough to bring onto an aeroplane cabin should you be lucky enough to fly to a short haul destination.

For more information on Antler Cabin Luggage or to view the range log onto www.antler.co.uk.

Following the launch of our lightest ever suitcase, Aire, we thought now is a great opportunity to explore, and more importantly debunk, many of the myths that exist around lightweight luggage.

What are the biggest myths – and what is the truth?

Myth #1: Lightweight Luggage Doesn’t Protect Belongings

While we understand why some of these myths might sound true, who would willingly buy a piece of luggage that wouldn’t protect their belongings in flight and while being moved by baggage handlers?

If lightweight luggage didn’t offer protection and durability, no one would buy it.

However, the growing trend of people buying and using lightweight luggage indicates that many are happy with the protection afforded by such cases.

What is the secret to creating such a suitcase?

It’s all in the innovation. You probably don’t often look at a suitcase or another piece of luggage and marvel at its technological brilliance, but there’s so many different things going on that make it an impressive feat of engineering.

The way lightweight cases are designed and constructed means buyers get an innovative suitcase with all the usual features they’d expect, including packing straps and compartments, to help with efficient packing and organising.

The truth? Lightweight luggage offers just as much protection as a regular suitcase.

If you’re still worried, then buy a fragile sticker for your case prior to checking in to fly or boarding a train or coach. Just be sure it’s easily removed so you can look stylish when walking with your luggage!

Myth #2: Lightweight Luggage is for Carry on Only

Another that we can definitely understand where it came from, but again a lightweight luggage myth related to flying that is easy to debunk with a little extra thought.

First, let’s talk about cabin luggage. Cabin luggage is typically judged on the size of the bag to be carried onto a flight, and while weight restrictions do apply it is unusual that a passenger would be able to contravene the limit. In this instance, whether a bag is lightweight or not wouldn’t matter.

There are plenty of lightweight cabin bags available to buy, including from within our new Aire range, but it isn’t the case that lightweight luggage equals cabin luggage.

The truth? Lightweight cases are as ideal for the baggage hold as they are as a carry on, as well as for on the train or in the car.

Myth #3: Lightweight Means Cheaper

Many things we buy as we go through life are priced related to their weight or volume. When it comes to lightweight luggage, however, you shouldn’t expect to pay less.

The point here isn’t necessarily that people assume cheaper in terms of value, but that some seem to take lightweight to mean cheap as in poorly made, and will probably fall apart the moment you try to squeeze in an extra pair of jeans or start packing gifts you bought on your trip.

We’ve already touched on this when talking about the level of innovation that goes into creating a top quality lightweight case. Lightweight cases most definitely aren’t badly made – nor are they going to tear at the seams when you start trying to load it up.

The truth? Lightweight luggage is typically among the best made. Regarding the price, its status as a luxury product means you might pay a premium for the design and other functions.

If you choose lightweight luggage at a lightweight price, however, then you are definitely running the risk of making your own truth from the myth.

Myth #4: You Can’t Get Hard Lightweight Cases

Despite now knowing that lightweight cases are well made and do indeed offer protection and durability, and will stand up to even the most rigorous throwing around, thinking about a hard yet lightweight case offers an interesting contrast.

We’re not quite in polar opposite, juxtaposition territory yet, but we’re getting mighty close.

Hard suitcases are a popular travel buy throughout the year, and particularly so among those buying for winter holidays. If you’ve ever taken a trip in skiing season then you’ll have definitely seen someone with a hard suitcase.

What’s the deal with hard yet lightweight suitcases?

The thing with hard suitcases is the outer shell is hard and tough, yet this can still be lightweight and offer all of the benefits you’d expect from a piece of luggage.

Lightweight is standard here at Antler anyway, though hard yet lightweight suitcases are widely available.

A great example of a piece of luggage being hard yet lightweight is our Camden Matt case, pictured below, which weighs just 4.6kg.

Shop Lightweight Luggage

Going on holiday is exciting – but it’s also very stressful.

To help you avoid any unnecessary stress at the check-in desk we’ve put together a guide on how to choose the perfect large suitcase. From beating the baggage charges to ensuring your belongings are 100% secure, invest in a suitcase with the following elements and transporting your belongings from A to B will be stress-free…

1) Weight

Serial over-packer? Then investing in our lightest ever suitcase collection is a must. Designed to beat the baggage charges, this range features innovative construction and clever design.

Shop Aire

2) Hard Vs. Soft

Undecided between a soft and a hard case? Nimbus features the best of both! Combining the flexibility of a soft case with the strength of a hard case, this range is perfect for the indecisive.

Shop Nimbus

3) Wheels

Transporting heavy suitcases from A to B requires fuss-free maneuverability! To help you lighten the load it’s worth investing in Hinomoto easy-glide wheels that feature on many of our collections including Jupiter (pictured above).

Shop Jupiter

4) TSA Locks

Ensure all your belongings are kept exceptionally safe by investing in a large case complete with TSA lock. A must-have for frequent travellers, TSA locks are designed to allow appropriate authorities to search your bag and resecure.

Shop Tiber (Pictured Above)


Breaking Travel News site features the launch of Antler’s lightest ever suitcase collection.

Antler Aire Suitcase Collection

Antler Aire Suitcase

The range has a sleek, streamlined tonal design, with a rounded structure using extremely lightweight metal.

Additional internal pockets and packing straps allow for maximum packing inside with a front pocket for easy organisation.

Available in charcoal grey, aubergine and black, the large case weighs in at an unprecedented 2.7 kilograms, the medium case at 2.3 kilograms and the cabin case weighs in at 2 kilograms.

Each Aire suitcase includes a fixed TSA combination lock for added peace of mind and 360 degree rotating wheels for effortless control.

Perfect for both long and short haul journeys the Aire collection provides the manoeuvrability and ease Antler is famed for.

Whether taking up less baggage allowance or assisting in a fuss free commute; the Aire fits for both busy business journeys and holidays alike.

Prices start at £160 for a Cabin case and £180 for a Large case.