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EasyJet Outlet

EasyJet Hand Luggage Outlet by Antler UK

Antler has an extensive and exclusive range of hand luggage in our outlet, suitable for EasyJet flights. Whether you’re going for a weekend away or a short business trip and require hand luggage, or you want to take an additional small case for your holiday, Antler has you covered. From hard shell cabin suitcases to soft carry-on bags, Antler has a variation of outlet luggage options for your EasyJet flight. You can rest assured that our EasyJet outlet hand luggage is the right size to take on board and store in the overhead compartments. We've combined style with pioneering designs to ensure our cabin luggage makes the perfect travel companion for your trip. Ultra-light in weight, 360° four-wheel spin and extendable handles, manoeuvring your luggage has never been easier. Your case will elegantly glide across the airport flooring and outdoor surface. Investing in a lightweight suitcase also means you have more capacity to pack items for your trip without exceeding the recommended baggage weight allowance. Plus, our cabin bags are TSA-approved with a secure combination lock, adding extra protection to your items during your flight. So, why not treat yourself to a piece of new, stylish hand luggage from our outlet for your upcoming EasyJet flight and make your next adventure that bit more exciting.

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