6 reasons why it makes sense to invest in new luggage this Cyber Monday

Unless you've been napping under a metaphorical rock, you'll have noticed that it's Cyber Week, and that means it's time to decide what to shop when it comes  to the big ones—yup, that's Black Friday, Friday 29th November and Cyber Monday, on 2nd December.

Whilst we understand why some choose not to participate, it's hard to deny that with such good deals on offer, it's the perfect time to shop ahead of Christmas. Whether you're extremely organised and have a shopping list ready to go, or you haven't yet decided what you're after, we've got six reasons why investing in some premium quality luggage this Cyber Week, makes good sense.

1. (We'll start with the obvious...) You can get a really good deal.

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There are some things in life that just cost more than others. Houses. Cars. Televisions. Good quality suitcases. So when you have the chance to make a saving, it's as simple as, why wouldn't you? You can't buy a house in a Black Friday sale (or can you? Anyone?), but you can definitely make a great saving on some luggage.

This isn't about panicking and suddenly finding you've spent over £300 on a limited edition pair of neon, monogrammed socks that will get lost in the washing machine by the end of the month. Luggage, whether it's a set of hard sided suitcases or simply a superior quality holdall, will be with you a long time. It gets battered about more than anything else you own, so it should be premium quality, tough and durable (you've guessed it, we can help with that).

2. Your current set is broken and you'll be glad you acted now.

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Luggage isn't something you buy every day - it's not a frequent purchase as you only need one, good quality set (unless you have children, in which case you might need a couple more...). It makes sense to think ahead, because when you're about to go away for Christmas, you haul that old suitcase out of the cupboard the night before, and realise the handle got broken by the baggage handlers when you last returned from your yachting escapades around the Balearics, trust us, you're not going to be happy. If you buy a new suitcase now, that particular mini life crisis will be entirely avoided. You can thank us later.

3. It's the perfect gift.


Anyone who is healthy and lucky enough to leave the house every day, is on the move. One way or another, we're all doing it. Getting the commuter train to work. Throwing a backpack in the back of the car. Taking a laptop bag to our next corporate meeting. Packing a weekend bag for a couple of nights away. However near or far the distance, everyone needs bags or luggage, and that means - you can't go wrong with buying it as present. And for lots of people, as with handbags, you simply can't have too many bags. PLUS if you're feeling generous, and buy a suitcase as a gift, that's going to look really impressive wrapped under (or next to) the Christmas tree, because big means better, right?

4. What your luggage looks like says something about you.


We're not trying to be shallow here, but when you're having a good-outfit day, or you're on your way to a meeting that matters, or you're heading to meet the in-laws for the first time, you just shouldn't be carrying a really old, ugly bag. It just doesn't look good. First impressions count. And if you look good on arrival, surely that's an ideal start to whatever you're up to next. So maybe it's time to take another cold, hard look at your favourite cabin bag that's been with you for 15 years or more, and set it lovingly aside for a little rest...

5. Get packing cubes, and feel joy at how organised you are.


OK so strictly speaking packing cubes aren't luggage, but boy do they make us feel good about luggage overall. And yes we are proud of it. Packing cubes make us feel so organised! So put together! So sure that we've packed thoroughly and not forgotten our socks (because we always have a packing cube especially for our socks). And they compress with a special compression zip, so you can fit more in your case. And they mean that that minor incident last April, when you stuck one hand in your case to rummage for your latest read only to accidentally pull out your book along with a pair of pants that went flying across the airport floor, just won't happen again. Because your pants will be safely zipped away. In their own special pants packing cube, just like your socks. You see?

6. It makes sense to buy from the best. (Yup, that's us).

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OK so we don't like to toot our own trumpet/horn but we've been making luggage for over 100 years, so we kinda know what we're doing. Seriously, what our team doesn't know about a suitcase isn't worth knowing, and we've done pretty well over the years to make sure that we only make luggage that is excellent quality. We heard from one lovely customer the other week that she had had her Antler suitcase for over 35 years. 35 years! That's what an investment buy is all about. And all our cases come with a 10-year warranty. We doubt you'll need it, and we hope you'll have it far longer than that, but it's nice to have the back up.

If all that has whetted your appetite, you can shop our Black Friday offer here.


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