Grab Life Grab Life
Grab life. Grab the moment.
Grab it now, while you absolutely can.
Grab Life
Grab your case.
Grab your passport.
Life, as they say,
is there for the taking.
Grab Life
Grab the City.
Grab some noise.
Grab the sights, the scents,
the colours around you.
Grab Life
Grab some history.
Grab some modernity.
Grab some culture
you've not seen before.
Grab Life

Grab Something New!

Our best ever, most agile, lightweight
case will glide around any city.
With our unique twist grip handle,
you can effortlessly take all the ups
and downs of the city in your stride.

Two exclusive colours,
perfect for your autumn wardrobe.

Grab a bike. Grab a taxi.
Grab the crowded streets
and hidden alleys.
Grab the best snack.
Grab some street food.
Grab the taste for something new.
Grab Life

The City is out there.

What are you waiting for?
Grab Life by the Antlers.

Grab Life

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